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Least Resistance
Chalk on 15' x 9' chalkboard wall

Reception Gallery

This drawing investigates the unseen human connections within globalism and labor. This is also a drawing about where I worked, placed where other people work - a different kind of transaction, but a transaction nonetheless. I recently worked in a warehouse, repackaging products that were mostly made in China. Who touched this piece of plastic before it crossed the ocean, where I was the next person to touch it? Among a batch of thousands of same pieces, I found one that was deformed and different. I kept it, and see it is a small resistance against globalism, and the system it locks all us into. I wanted to make the deformed piece more important than the same-formed by inverting the scale, and I wanted to make both objects seem they came from thin air, mocking the opacity of the histories of things we buy. I was pleasantly surprised that the objects as drawings on the chalkboard seemed like they were somewhere in the cold, eerie vacuum of outer space.